Thursday, February 12, 2009

PM seeks support for Joshi

Arindam Roy

[Monday, April 26, 2004 02:06:23 am TIMES NEWS NETWORK]

ALLAHABAD: Change is knocking at the doors of the greatest democracy of the world. A 100-crore strong nation, full of diversity, its progress in the democratic process has surprised the world.

People worldwide are looking towards India, said Prime Minister Vajpayee while addressing a mammoth rally at Sewa Samiti Vidya Mandir grounds, here on Sunday night.

He said, though China was more populated than India, we were competing in other areas. Neighbouring countries look at India, eagerly. They wish for democracy and people's empowerment, which they lack.

The elections have been peaceful, barring a few violent incidents. Not much importance should be given to these disturbances. In Jammu and Kashmir, a handful of terrorists are stopping people from voting. But the more the hindrances, more resolute are the masses, who at the risk of their live, exercise their franchise. "They know the value of each and every vote, they know the meaning of sitting in the parliament," Vajpayee asserted.

Today, India is more united, strong and progressive with secure future. Taking a dig at the opposition, he said, "They cannot see any development done by us, though the whole world is aware of it."

There was a time, when Indians —- those who could afford —- would go abroad for treatment. Now, foreigners are rushing to India for treatment. They say that our health care is better, they are looked after well and the affection that they get forces them to return to India, again and again, he said.

Some countries have complained that their citizens were rushing to India for treatment. He asked, "When all doors of the world open, how can it remain closed for the sick and the feeble?"

"Vote is the key to future. It can make us or mar us. It can help us make a strong nation," Vajpayee explained. He talked about the value of vote, the importance of mandate and the need for returning BJP and NDA parties with two-third majority. It became a refrain in the later part of the PM's speech. He said, fractured mandate stops progress. It hinders from making India, a dream nation.

He said, the coalition government was run successfully. Without naming the Congress, he said, those who opposed it are running bare foot, all over, looking for coalition partners. He said, "Mayawati mili, na Mulayam miley," amidst peels of laughter.

Commending MM Joshi, he said, he has lots of responsibilities. "I often forget how many ministries he is looking after." The scholar and scientist minister often guides him. He appealed to the people to vote for Joshi, Bind and Bhariti, all three candidates, quickly adding, also me, as people laughed and clapped.

He arrived at 7.55 PM, amidst slogans, "Bharat Mata ki teen dharohar/Atal, Advani, Murli Manohar," and "Ek Bihari sab par bhari, Atal Bihari, Atal Bihari."

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