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Science is a source of human progress: Prof Tannoudji

Nobel laureates and diplomats called upon the youth – scholars, teachers and scientists – dealt with the development of fundamental science, at the inauguration of the high profile Science Conclave 2008, at IIIT-A, on Monday.

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NOBEL LAUREATE Claude Cohen Tannoudji dealt with the objectives of science. He said, “Science has a complete vision of the world. Science is a source of human progress and it develops a sense of dialogue.”

He was speaking at the inauguration of the high profile Science Conclave 2008, at the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad (IIIT-A), during the inauguration of the Conclave, on Monday (Dec 15).

Prof Tannoudji was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics (1997) for the development of methods to cool and trap atoms with laser lights. He shared the honours with two other scientists Steven Chu and William Daniel Philips.

Prof Slavnov Andrei Alekseevich, a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and doctor of Physico-Mathematical sciences lamented that the achievements of fundamental science are used for the development of technology and industry. Development in the fields of science and technology should go side by side.

If technology grows at the cost of fundamental science, it will bring about the death of the latter, and in turn, technology and industry would suffer. He stated, “Development of science depends on the people involved in it.”

Dr Abid Hussain, former Indian Ambassador to the US and guest of honour at the week-long Science Conclave 2008 called upon the youth of this country, when he said, “Don’t give up the courage to dream. The stupidest ideas that come in your mind will become the stars of tomorrow. Let your imagination be fired….you should have the courage to test the best and try out its limits.”

Lacing his speech with anecdotes and interesting stories, Dr Hussain held the audience spellbound. He said that young scientists should ‘dig deep into the future and see the impossible’. He reminded the audience of a Spanish tale, “O traveller, why are you looking here and there; there is no road here but as you go along the path shall be found.” He also quoted Tagore’s Ekla cholo re (walk alone) asking the young scientists to march forward fearlessly.

The former diplomat appealed to the scientists and technocrats to work for the progress of commoners.

The chief guest of the function, Dr A R Kidwai, governor, Haryana, emphasised on the promotion of education and teaching of fundamental science and technology. He said that it is necessary for obtaining the expected growth in the field of economy.

He lauded Indian scientists and said that they have made the nation proud in distant countries.


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